Here you can find information about all sorts of advertisements that are available from the Balkan Interactive radio stations.

Irrespective of that if you are a direct advertiser in search of national coverage of your brand or product, or regionally based advertiser, who is interested in sponsorship and/or promotion, or if you just inquire of the terms of advertising, here are a few reasons why you should choose the radio stations of Radio FM+, Radio Fresh and Radio Star FM.

Radio’s Powerful Impact

Radio is an interactive media and has the power to reach people in various places – their car, the kitchen, at work, in bed – for these reasons it is not surprising that listening to the radio in Bulgaria on a weekly basis reaches up to 83.3% (15-54 years).

Radio is an immediate bearer, which can be prompted for generating an immediate response.

Radio is intimate. The listeners feel connected to the radio and choose their favourite stations, favourite radio hosts and their favourite programmes. This kind of choice invokes the powerful relationship between the listeners and the advertisers.

Radio has the enormous opportunity to be creative by using voices in uncommon and memorable way, sound effects and music. One of the greatest deceptions as far as advertisements on the radio are concerned, is that they are limited in the sense that they are unable to visualize. “Mind’s theater” is a powerful means in developing radio advertisements.

Radio expands “Mind share”. The high frequency of expositions, which radio advertisements ensures compared to other media, gives the opportunity to score greater informativity, memorizing and recognizing in the mind of the aimed audience.

Radio offers variety to the advertiser. Except for the traditional spot advert, the sponsorship and the promotions can also be a very effective way for the advertiser to achieve a positive association of their brands.

Radio is the most vigorous and cost-justifiable media. Right now you can contact the Sales Department of Balkan Interactive so that you get well acquainted with what radio can do for your product/ brand on (02) 976 56 56.