We in Balkan Broadcasting are firmly convinced that people are our most valuable active. Thanks to their hard work and devotion they set the high standards and quality of our brands Radio FM+, Radio Fresh! and Radio Star FM. Our team approach stimulates the formation of friendly environment, which welcomes and encourages creativity, differences and variety. For these reason we believe, that it is extremely important to attract, keep and develop talents by granting them exciting work conditions and opportunities for elaboration and development.

Follow up the vacant positions for work in Balkan Broadcasting here.

Right now there are no vacant positions, but if you are convinced that you have to be part of our team, send your CV and Personal statement to:

Internship programmes in Balkan Broadcasting

We from Balkan Broadcasting love to assist in the development of young talents. We have a tradition in carrying out tnternship campaigns, giving opportunity to many students to pile up practical experience in different spheres of this business.

  • You are young and ambitious
  • Expecting to learn from the best professionals
  • You have positive attitude and want to know what you can do
  • Or you just want to mee new friends

We offer you a few opportunities for internship:

  • Production
  • Financial department
  • Sales department
  • Programme department 
  • Promotions
  • Interactive
  • Public relations
  • Technical department